Поздравляем с победой наших коллег из университета Тромсё (Норвегия)

Breaking News! Now confirmed:
Save VCS Operation, a Resounding Success

This is what making the RIGHT DECISION looks like:
Today’s vote being taken on the resolution to shut down Visual Anthropology in Troms?.

The tally: 8 to 2 against the proposal to shut down Visual Anthropology!

Although the fight might not be over, today marks a MAJOR VICTORY for Visual Anthropology. A committee will look into solutions to improve Troms?’s Master’s program in Visual Cultural Studies.

The Whole World Was Watching.
And now the Whole World shares a collective sigh of relief.

Congratulations on a job well done, and for this achievement of our global community!

Many thanks to everybody who shared a picture, a word of support, a thumbs up, and countless other forms of encouragement. The passion and professionalism of everyone involved has been noted.

VCS in Troms? couldn’t have been saved without YOU!
We feel gratitude of Himalayan proportions.

Now cork that champagne, open that bottle of beer, or indulge in whatever else you fancy, as you celebrate our collective victory!

Congratulatory photos are welcome.