Save Visual Anthropology (VCS) at the University of Troms?


The Visual Anthropology programme (VCS) at the University of Troms? is under imminent threat of being closed down forever!

This is serious stuff. And we need your help.

No, we aren’t going to sit on our hands and let it happen. No way. That’s not the passive education we received from VCS in Troms?.

There’s an intent to close it down, using petty budget cuts as an excuse. But we suspect the issue is how VCS challenges the status quo.

This, at a time when video and ethnographic cinema is more needed, more timely, more important than ever.
This, at a time when the number of applicants from all over the world has skyrocketed.

Why close such an awesome programme when visual recording devices are becoming cheap and ubiquitous — cell phones, anyone? Why do this now, when cross-cultural studies and understanding are more crucial than ever?
We know how the VCS programme totally rocks. It is one of the most innovative, most globally relevant programmes in Norway.

Many of us experienced in Troms? the chance of our lives, as we were sent researching, camera in hand.

That experience changed us forever. And since then, it has provided a foundation upon which we all set out to collaborate with tons of people from all over the world.

What’s at stake here is another generation’s right to experience the VCS paradigm shift.

When our friend’s in need, it’s time to act indeed.

Now let’s give something back. Here’s how.

Help us mobilize national and international support for VCS in Troms?.

JOIN the group “Save Visual Anthropology In Troms?!” on Facebook.

POST a picture of you — yes beautiful, gorgeous YOU! — holding a sign saying “Save Visual Anthropology in Troms?”. Add your name and country. Extra points for choosing a landmark or special location as background… While you post, feel free to introduce yourself to all the others. Tell us what you do. Your passion. Your projects. It’s also your network!

INVITE ALL your friends of VCS here into this group. Together, let’s save Visual Anthropology in Troms?! That’s where we’ll all share news, updates. We will strategize from this base. And we’ll win the battle that’ll keep the kick-ass VCS programme alive!

Oh, and share the Facebook page (with your cute little photo) with all your contacts! Tell them to do something for you, to support and a groundbreaking global education programme.

Let’s get moving.
And we’ll save VCS in Troms?.

Oh… please SIGN THE PETITION on Avaaz.